The highest peak of Prekmurje (418m) with a lookout tower.

The hill in the far northern part of Goričko, along the border with Austria, is a geomorphologic characteristic of the area. The hill above the gorge of Ledava consists of Palaeozoic slates - the oldest rocks in the area, which are significantly different from the surroundings, which consists from much younger sediments. The 418 m hill is mostly covered with forests and represents the highest point of Goričko. On the southern edge there is a quarry where you can find the remains of volcanoes, which were active in the distant past. The results of the volcanic activity are also the limestone sites, which represent a further enrichment of the mosaic structure of soil in Goričko.

At the top of the hill there is a lookout tower, 14 m high, offering a beautiful view of north-eastern Slovenia, and parts of Austria, Hungary and Croatia. In the vicinity of the lookout tower there is also a Nature Park Goričko automatic weather station.

The hill next to Sotinski breg hill is called Serdički breg or Rdeči breg (416 m) and is the second highest hill in Pomurje after Sotinski breg. The name Rdeči breg comes from the red soil, which is located just under the surface. The peak of the hill (with a log cabin) offers a view of Austrian Styria and Ledava valley all the way to Mura and beyond. The peak can be reached by car.

Nearby in Nuskova, you can visit the mineral spring. The spring is developed and the locals from near and far occasionally still use the water from it. Some 30 year ago the government ordered drilling of several wells in Rogašovci municipality, hoping to find geothermal water. It was not found, however a location of mineral water was discovered instead which, according to the Faculty of Chemistry in Ljubljana, contains the best mineral water in Slovenia. Along the path towards the mineral spring you will also see groves of willows and sites of Siberian iris.

In Ocinje village you can visit a wooden bell tower, which is built on the foundation of a cut shell limestone. It was built around 1750 and is one of the most beautiful ethnological monuments in Pomurje, renovated in 2000 using ancient, naturally preserved materials.

In Serdica you will find Čebelji gradič beekeeping organic farm, which also offers accommodation.

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